2011 April 28 - R53Desktop and R53Connect Launch

We're telling the world about our Route 53 offerings.
Up until now we've been keeping quiet about our recent Route 53 developments, but now we feel it's time, so start spreading the word!
If all goes well, you'll soon see a big website upgrade and an explosion of documentation, examples, and support channels for our offerings.

2011 April 26 - Introducing R53Desktop

R53Desktop is a sample desktop application built on R53Connect. This application demonstrates how to use all aspects of the Route 53 API via the R53Connect .NET client library. Available as both a MS Visual Studio C# project and a compiled application.

For non-commercial use or as a reference for R53Connect, you are free to download and use the R53Desktop application and source code.

For commerical use, if you would like to brand, or use R53Desktop as a starting point for your own application, a license is available for USD $50.

2011 April 19 - Introducing R53Connect

R53Connect is our .NET client library for connecting to Amazon Route 53. This fully featured library takes care of connecting to the Route 53 API allowing you to concentrate your development efforts on leveraging the power of Route 53. R53Connect provides access to all the functionality currently available via the API.

For non-commercial use, you are free to download and use the R53Connect library.

For commerical use, you can purchase a license for USD $50, or with C# source code included USD $100.

2011 April 02 - The Missing Libraries

We feel that there are a number of web based API's out there that do not have a robust .NET library for them. With this in mind, I'm pleased to announce our intention to create a robust set of .NET client libraries for: